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What are the biggest problems in healthcare?

What are the biggest problems in healthcare? This question has been on the lips of Americans since President Obama entered office. Unfortunately, he and the government do not seem to be able to find a comprehensive answer to this question. So, what are the biggest problems in American Health Care?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, some thirty million Americans currently suffer from obesity. Overweight and obesity are the greatest single preventable cause of heart attack and diabetes. Another huge problem in American Health Care is that about half of the people who live in the U.S. do not have access to quality healthcare. That means that they go untreated, and that can be leading to a variety of problems.

What are the biggest problems in American Health Care? According to the Government Accountability Office, it is the U.S. citizens who are responsible for about 42 percent of the health care claims that are rejected because of a preexisting condition. That number is up from the previous year, when it was 31 percent. If these numbers are increasing at an alarming rate, then it is no wonder that health insurance costs are so high.

What are the biggest problems in American Health Care that the Obama Administration is unable to address? One of the biggest problems that Americans have is that they cannot get affordable health care coverage. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, families who are living outside of the area where they were born, have a lower income, and/or a higher annual deductible are paying the highest premiums on their health insurance policies. Not only that, the rates have actually increased since Obama became president.

What are the biggest problems in healthcare that you can fix? I would say that the biggest and most troubling problem in American Health Care today is that Americans do not have access to adequate healthcare coverage, whether it be through their employer through their own family, or through government programs. Without access to healthcare, many people end up going to jail because they cannot afford to pay for their healthcare bills. This ends up costing the taxpayers more money, which exacerbates our already outrageous national debt.

What are the biggest problems in healthcare, that your government has been unable to fix? The number one problem that the Obama Administration has been able to fix, is the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as the Affordable Health Care Act. Although the idea of an Affordable Care Act may have started with good intentions, the implementation was botched from start to finish. For example, the site that was supposed to help people find their new insurance was sabotaged by computer glitches, which caused many consumers to lose their coverage. The State Department of Health and Human Services was also completely incompetent at promoting the program. These are some of the problems that the Obama Administration had to deal with, yet he was able to successfully complete his task.

What are the biggest problems in healthcare in America, that you are not able to solve? Well, there are several, but the two major ones are the insane health care premiums and deductibles that are forcing people to choose bankruptcy over proper medical treatment. Another big issue, which is slowly starting to come to the forefront, is the fact that the government does not monitor the performance of these companies very closely, so there is a significant chance that companies will be given bonuses and kick backs for using these loopholes. There is also the concern over the rising number of lawsuits against health providers for unnecessary procedures. Many doctors and hospitals have begun to use private clinics instead of their normal hospital to treat patients.

So, that was some of the information that you may have found out recently. It is important that you continue to educate yourself, as the answers to the questions above may change drastically in the future. What are the biggest problems in healthcare will continue to evolve as more of these issues become apparent.